Our Process

“If you’re not staying up to date with your company’s digital presence, you could be giving your competition more business.”     –Lauren Fox

A B2B company’s digital identity begins with a well-constructed and thoughtfully designed website.  Your website should convey who you are, what you do, and what makes your business unique .  It should be informative (content), easy to find (SEO), and easy to navigate (design).  In addition to your website, every B2B company must have a social presence on two primary platforms: LinkedIn (1) and YouTube (2).  For larger B2B companies, Facebook is a way to share information with followers – for example, new product releases or organizational changes – as well as showcase the “personality” of your business.  However, for small to mid-size B2B companies, it doesn’t add much value.  Your decision makers are on LinkedIn.  And YouTube is essential because B2B buyers would rather learn about a company and its products and services by watching a video than reading text.

WIZ Advisors can help you create your digital identity, develop your brand messaging, design your website, drive organic traffic through a thoughtful SEO plan, and create/manage your digital dashboard.


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